Create Condo Estoppel

What is an estoppel? An estoppel is a legal document created by the Condo Corporation to certify certain information true, such as arrears, and the Corporation is forbidden ("estopped") from later claiming an error. Upon a written request, an estoppel must be provided by the Condo Corporation within 10 days according to Alberta's Condominium Property Act.

Are you a condo board member in Alberta who has been asked to create an estoppel certificate, but don't know how create an estoppel? You can simply fill in the form below to create an estoppel for free. It will be created according to the requirements set out in the Condominium Property Act and general conventions used in Alberta. There is no registration required. Just print and sign when you're done.


Identify the property that you are providing information on.
Condo Corporation Number
Legal Unit Number
Civic Address Suite
Street Address
Province Alberta
Name of Signatory
Title of Signatory
Current Date

Required Items

What are the monthly condo fees?
How much is any upcoming special assessment?
Input "0" if none.
If applicable, provide details of any upcoming special assessment.
What is the total of all arrears due by the unit, including all unpaid condo fees, special assessments, fines, and interest?
Input "0" if none.
If applicable, provide a breakdown of how the arrears were calculated.

Requested Items

The Condo Corporation only needs to provide an item below if it is specifically asked for.
Click the item(s) requested under "Include?" and fill in the relevant information for each item selected.
Legal Actions Is there any legal action commenced against the corporation and served on the corporation
Provide details of legal action
Judgements Is there any unsatisfied judgment or order for which the corporation is liable?
Provide details of judgement
Demands Is there any written demand made on the corporation for an amount in excess of $5,000 that, if not met, may result in an action being brought against the corporation?
Provide details of demand
Reserve Fund Amount of Reserve Fund based on most recent financial statements.
Effective Date for above amount
Unit Factors What is the unit allocation factor (out of 10,000)?
Select the method used in determining the unit factor allocation?
If you selected "Other", please specify the method used to determine the unit allocation factor
Deficiencies Are there any structural deficiencies that the corporation has knowledge of at the time of the request in any of the buildings that are included in the condominium plan?
Provide details of any deficiencies
Management Agreement Does the Condo Corporation have a management agreement?
Will a copy of the agreement be included?
Recreation Agreement Does the Condo Corporation have a recreational agreement?
Will a copy of the recreational agreement be included with the estoppel?
Post Tension Cables Are there any post tension cables?
Is there an engineer's report on the post-tension cables?
Will the post-tension cable report be included with the estoppel?
Budget Will the most recent budget be included with the estoppel?
Financials Will a copy of the most recent financial statements be included with the estoppel?
Bylaws Will the current bylaws be included with the estoppel?
Minutes Will a copy of the most recent Annual General Meeting minutes be included with the estoppel?
Lease/Exclusive Agreement Is there any lease agreement or exclusive use agreement with respect to the possession of a portion of the common property, including a parking stall or storage unit?
Will a copy of the agreement be included with the estoppel?
Insurance Will a copy of the Insurance Certificate be included with the estoppel?

Disclaimer: NO WARRANTY is expressed or implied. The creator of this software does not accept any liability for errors.

Click "Submit" to create the estoppel document, which is formatted to print out (longer documents will require legal sized paper). Be sure to carefully read it, since you are prohibited (estopped) from correcting it after it is released. Be sure to include any supporting documents if you indicated they would be.


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